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What You Must Know About the Kmart Data Breach

Author: Krystal Steinmetz / Source: Money Talks News

Kmart has fallen victim to hackers — again.

Nearly three years after Kmart’s last data breach, the retailer’s parent company, Sears Holdings, issued a statement confirming that payment data systems at Kmart stores had been compromised.

According to the company, the malicious code used by hackers to infiltrate Kmart’s payment data systems was “undetectable” by its current anti-virus systems and application controls.

Sears Holdings says the breach resulted in “unauthorized credit card activity following certain customer purchases” at Kmart although no personal information — like names, addresses, Social Security numbers or email addresses — were swiped in the breach.

The company provided no details on which stores were affected or when, or how long the hacking took place, but it says the malicious code was “removed” and “contained.”

“We are confident that our customers can…

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