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With this $7 malware, anyone can be a hacker for cheap

Author: Conner Forrest / Source: TechRepublic

Ever wonder what it costs to start using malware to steal important user credentials on the web? If you’re using Ovidiy Stealer, it could be as cheap as $7, according to a new report from Proofpoint.

In its Thursday report, Proofpoint noted that the Ovidiy Stealer had been originally observed in June 2017, but it is still being developed and actively adopted by cybercriminals. There are now several versions of it in the wild.

What’s really surprising is the cost, as a single build of the credential stealer only costs between $7 and $13. Despite the low price, the build executables are crypted, making them harder to find and analyze, the report said. So, for only $7, a would-be hacker gets access to a tool that allows them to steal credentials and avoid detection at the same time.

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The report did note that the behavior of Ovidiy Stealer could be detected, but it is often categorized in a way that doesn’t take its…

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