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You Have To HaaS It

Author: Px Mx / Source: Medium

I had the opportunity to speak at CarlinaCon 13 on HoneyPy and HoneyDB. The talk also made for a great opportunity to release a cool new in HoneyDB. It also gave me a deadline to force me to complete the new feature :-). So what is this new feature? Read on…

Honeypots as a Service

That’s right, Honeypots as a Service, on HoneyDB you can now configure and deploy your own HoneyPy honeypot in the cloud. If you’ve ever wanted to run a honeypot, this is a very easy way to do it. You don’t need to worry about finding a server, installing/configuring the OS, and installing HoneyPy. With HoneyDB HaaS, all you need to do is select a region for deployment, configure HoneyPy (honeypy.cfg and services.cfg), and it is up and running. In addition, HoneyDB will allow you to filter the data so you can see just your honeypot data. Finally, it’s important to point out this will be a paid service, read on to find out why.

Why HaaS?

Why did I create this HaaS feature? HoneyDB has been running for several years on a really flakey cloud provider because it is super cheap. HoneyDB is starting to get lots of traffic and honeypot data is growing quickly. As a result, to ensure HoneyDB’s reliability it needs to be on more robust infrastructure. More robust infrastructure is not cheap. So I created HaaS as a way to raise money to support moving HoneyDB to more reliable infrastructure.

In a sense, this is an experiment. An experiment to determine the level of interest in honeypots and…

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