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Your Electronic Medical Records Could Be Worth $1000 To Hackers

Author: Mariya Yao / Source: Forbes

ClinicAll EMR

How much is your life worth to hackers? On the black market, the going rate for your social security number is 10 cents. Your credit card number is worth 25 cents. But your electronic medical health record (EHR) could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

EHRs offer significant benefits compared to previous paper-based systems and have been adopted by over 96% of critical care hospitals and over 83% of regular hospitals. While digitization overcomes many of the inefficiencies and fragmentation that plagued healthcare providers, your patient records are now also more susceptible to hacking and theft.

In 2014, Robert Lord, a former analytics systems designer for Bridgewater Associates, joined forces with Nick Culbertson,a former Special Forces operator, when they were students at The John Hopkins University of Medicine to create a AI-powered system to combat hacking and unauthorized access to electronic medical records. They co-founded cybersecurity company Protenus to scale their technology to entire healthcare industry. Applying AI to the bureaucratic and risk-averse medical space is challenging, but both investors and hospitals have applauded Protenus’ unique approach.

According to Lord, EHRs contain a wealth of exploitable information which attracts hackers. “Your EHR contains all of your demographic information – names, historical information of where you live, where you worked, the names and ages of your relatives, financial…

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